Sankalp Shangari

CEO & Founder @ LALA World

Sankalp has a broad and extensive experience in various sectors, particularly in commodities, technologies having occupied various roles at Macquarie Bank, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan before dwelving full time to Crypto Currency. He started his career with Macquarie Bank in London as a credit officer covering South East Asia. He rose rapidly and within twelve months he was promoted to run and expand the Asian Commodity Sales from London. The product suite at Macquarie Bank included coal, oil, gas and CO2 emissions. The success of the expansion led Sankalp to move to Singapore in order to establish an Asia based presence for the firm. His success was evidenced by being one of the first bankers to move a physical iron ore cargo in a banking environment.

Sankalp discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and slowly dived into this breakthrough technology. Within a year Sankalp decided to dedicate full time to Crypto currencies. Sankalp was motivated by potential of BlockChain and BitCoin technologies to democratize access to the financial system. Sankalps prime focus is to bring around 2 Billion adults who remain unbanked into the global financial system using BlockChain and related technologies. Sankalp successfully launched  LALA ICO to help unbanked to give access to financial products that could help pull them out of a cycle of poverty.Sankalp is an influential leader in crypto space and is a frequent speaker at various conferences. Sankalp has founded TokenAsia to use his vast experience in crypto space. Using TokenAsia he is working with various entrepreneurs to launch successful ICO’s.