Maren Faiella

Business Development Manager

Maren Faiella is a Business Development Manager at Arcadia Crypto Ventures.  Her diverse background has been shaped by a combination of an Ivy League education as well as years on Wall Street and in NYC real estate.  

Originally working at firms including RBS, Greenwich Capital and Barclays, Maren worked with some of the world’s largest corporate and institutional clients.  During her tenure underwriting and selling fixed income products she learned the relevance of macroeconomic trends, excelled at understanding valuation and pricing comparables and recognized the importance of putting the client first.  Her work in real estate spanned the public and private sectors at Christie Property Group, P&F Management Company LLC, Rockwood Realty, Newark Economic Development Corporation, and the City of Newark as part of the Department of Economic and Housing Development.

Her interest in Blockchain technology began in 2015 and she joined Arcadia to focus on business development, client relations and project management. Maren graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in 2009.